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  • Anti-wrinkle Serum Merveillance® Expert 30ML

    Sold By: allyys

    Lifting serum for deep wrinkles – plumps, firms and restores tone.
    For all skin types.
    This anti-wrinkle serum with Daylily Oléoactif® combats deep wrinkles and loss of tone. This serum immediately smooths the skin, the visible lifting effect lasts for 8 hours. Day after day, deep wrinkles are reversed and tone is restored.

  • Bioderma White Objective Night Sérum 30ml

    Sold By: allyys

    White Objective Serum offers optimum preventive, anti-spot and lightening efficacy, thanks to the action of the W.O.™ patent which acts on the main biological mechanisms responsible for skin pigmentation.
    Vitamin C, which is gradually released for long-lasting action, reduces the number of melanin pigments in the epidermis.
    The intense peeling action of glycolic acid activates the elimination of cells loaded with pigments. Evening

    Apply White Objective Serum before your usual overnight treatment, on your perfectly cleansed face and neck.
    Can be used locally on pigmentation marks.
    Avoid the eye contour area. After application, you may feel slight tingling sensations. This is normal and is related to the presence of concentrated active ingredients for optimum effectiveness. The serum may become tinted during use.

  • Bioline 24.7 Natural Balance Vitamin C+e Nectar

    Sold By: allyys

    A beauty serum which encourages the balance of essential vitamins (c, e, pro-vitamin b5).
    Enhanced with extracts of artemisia and rose hip fruit, it revives skin natural beauty and energy and boosts skin vitality by counteracting signs of fatigue.

  • Bioline Age The Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    An excellent serum that gives triple perfection to the skin. Its vitalizing power is combined with a tailored cosmetic action that gives the skin a perfect look for every situation. Active ingredients
    undaria seaweed / bioactive peptide / plant cells extract

    Sold By: allyys

    Bioline Age The Serum

  • Bioline Body Care Slim Patch

    Sold By: allyys

    Superconcentrated serum that enhances the cosmetic action against imperfections caused by body skin blemishes active ingredients
    diamond, carnitine, rutine, caffeine, hematite, amethyst, microlayer

    Sold By: allyys

    Bioline Body Care Slim Patch

  • Bioline De-ox Essential C Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    Serum with a melting and silky consistency that revitalizes and recharges the skin‚äôs energy, moisturizing and illuminating the face and providing an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being.
    Delicately fragranced and rapidly absorbing, it is ideal for younger skin that recovers a uniform and vital appearance. Active ingredients
    vitamin c, panthenol, vitamin e

    Sold By: allyys

    Bioline De-ox Essential C Serum

  • Bioline De-ox Intensive Correction Cream

    Sold By: allyys

    Rich and precious cream that envelops the skin with an intensely nourishing film, leaving it compact, smooth, and incredibly soft. It takes advantage of nocturnal biorhythms and of the high concentration of ectoine to help the skin defences, providing it with radiance and perfection. The most resistant skin shines with extraordinary beauty. Active ingredients
    ectoine, vitamin c, argan oil.

  • Bioline De-ox Power C Booster Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    The power of a high concentration of vitamin c contained in an ultra-active serum with a reinforced formula that illuminates, renews, and revitalizes the skin. An authentic starter of radiance and youth, it maintains the skin natural tone and compactness over time. The melting texture allows rapid absorption of the active ingredients and leaves the skin with a fabulous silky effect. Active ingredients
    vitamin c, agl dipeptide, vitamin e

    Sold By: allyys

    Bioline De-ox Power C Booster Serum

  • Bioline Dolce+ Nectar In Drops Intense Relief

    Sold By: allyys

    Soothing, intensive face and neck concentrate for sensitive and delicate skin. Improves the skin‚äôs resistance against external agents. The skin rediscovers comfort, freshness and hydration.

  • Bioline Lifiting Code Hyaluronic Acid Filler Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    Biorevitalizing serum that attaches to the core of the wrinkle, filling it in and giving the face an immediate sculpted effect making skin look even, elastic and smooth.
    It encourages the redefinition of facial features: an intense look, shaped lips and smooth and elastic skin.
    An excellent base for improving make-up. Active ingredients
    hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, hyaluronic acid and elastin booster, filling polymers.

  • Bioline Phyto Staminal + Caviar & Retinol Beauty Enhancer Concentrate Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    Beauty enhancer concentrate for the face, specifically for fragile and delicate areas such as the eye and lip contour and the neck. It uses the highest concentration of plant stem cells obtained from a rare species of apple tree, to provide skin cells with newfound vitality.
    30 Ml active ingredients
    plant stem cells from apple tree (uttwiler spatlauber), caviar, retinol

  • Bioline Phytostaminal Lilac Gem Perfecting Serum

    Sold By: allyys

    Highly concentrated serum, formulated to fight different skin impurities (pimples, limited redness and all imperfections caused by acne*).
    It restores comfort and well-being to the complexion, which appears more even-toned, with smaller pores, more uniform skin grain and reduced imperfections.
    8 Ml active ingredients
    plant stem cells obtained from lilac buds (syringa vulgaris) use
    in case of localised imperfections of the face (pimples, impurities) –> it is recommended to immediately apply the serum to the area concerned by the imperfection as soon as it appears. Repeat the applications even several times a day, for at least 4/5 days in a row.
    In case of diffused face imperfections (diffused impurities, sebaceous hypersecretion, imperfections caused by acne*, etc.) –> Apply the serum to the entire face. Repeat the applications even several times a day, until the imperfection is reduced.
    After applying the serum, it is recommended to use specific products depending on the skin type. *Imperfections caused by acne


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