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  • Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

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    Omron M2 Basic is an easy to use Blood Pressure Monitor. Use this BP monitor at home and prevent future health problems. Monitor your blood pressure with Omron M2 and keep your heart in check. Omron M2 blood pressure monitor features Intellisense technology, which ensures that the arm cuff reaches the correct inflation and doesn’t pump up too high. It is easy to use, and its fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you comfortable, quick, and accurate blood pressure monitoring. Also, the M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically validated and has a hypertension indicator that alerts you if the reading is higher than the recommended blood pressure level of 135/85 mmHg. Also, the Omron M2 has undergone several tests conducted by various doctors ensuring the accuracy of the measurement. The Omron M2 Basic has a standard size cuff for arm circumference 22cm to 32cm. Ensure that the Omron BP monitor is wrapped around your arm properly for a correct reading.

    Sold By: allyys

    Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Omron M3W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – HEM-7202-E

    Sold By: allyys

    The Omron M3W is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor suitable for upper arm that offers everything necessary for comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure measurements and features the OMRON wide range cuff.

    When using an OMRON BP monitor, it is necessary to ensure that that the cuff size is correct. The M3W comes with the OMRON wide range cuff which is suitable for arm circumferences of 22 – 42 cm. This monitor also offers a two user facility with 60 memories with date and time for each user, making it an ideal monitor for home use.

    This clinically validated monitor features Omron’s Intellisense TM technology which ensures the cuff inflates to the correct pressure to take a reading, every time. It means it will not over inflate and avoids painful measurements. It detects irregular pulses and decides fully automatically if the measurement result is usable or whether the measurement needs to be repeated. Only accurate results are displayed.

    What is clinical validation? It means that the monitor has undergone tests conducted by independent doctors according to a predetermined protocol, which includes ensuring the accuracy of the measurements (algorithm).

    With Omron M3W BP monitor comes a cuff wrapping indicator which tells the user if the cuff has been wrapped correctly and the this monitor also features the blood pressure indicator level, for users who want to verify that their BP is in the recommended level of under 135/85 mmHg.

    With an irregular heartbeat and body movement detection sensors too, the M3W BP monitor features ensures you of accurate readings every time.

  • Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor

    Sold By: allyys

    Combines innovative Intellisense technology with a new contemporary design…

    With a completely new design, the Omron M6 is now one of the most stylish monitors as well as being one of the best.

    -Includes exclusive Omron Intellisense technology which continually adapts to the environment and the user, increasing accuracy and comfort for the patient.
    -Comes complete with irregular heartbeat and body movement detection, with bold icons on the display.
    -A dual check system confirms by two sensors that the device is accurate all the time.
    -The display also includes a hypertension indicator bar which identifies that results are within the recommended guidelines.
    -Clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society for your peace of mind.
    -Also includes an averaging mode which takes 3 readings within ten minutes to get an average accurate reading.
    -90 capacity memory.
    -Includes one medium Adult cuff – 22cm-32cm.
    -Three year warranty.

    Sold By: allyys

    Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor


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