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Nishane Fan Your Flames Extrait De Parfum Unisex 50ml


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The atmosphere around you crackles with cheer and good will – you have come together to relax and chat. Feeling good, you lean back on plush red cushions and watch with your friends as the waiter carefully pours hot, aromatic mint tea into exquisite little glasses. The air is filled with the low, sweet aroma of smoke and steam from the coconut tobacco being inhaled in the shisha. Lazily, you await your turn, and feel a supreme feeling of contentment creep over your body. These themes of oriental comfort and joy are all to be found in Fan Your Flames. A warm oriental woody gourmand fragrance, Fan Your Flames is a shisha-inspired scent, and is therefore ideal for all those who cleave to the comfort and exoticism of this ritual.

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