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Viola Early Pregnancy Test Kit


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Many Changes In The Female Body provide a decisive prerequisites for a normal pregnancy and a good development of the’s ungeborenen. Responsible for that it can adapt to an expectant mother to are essential hormones. The most important pregnancy hormones are oestrogen, progesterone and hCG (human Choir ion Gonadotr Opin).

The HCG Mirror in bladder healthy and not Schwangerer Women’s goes from 0 to 10 IU/L (International Units per litre). If you’re having a pregnancy begins the HCG concentration in the days immediately after the Befruchtung more.

This pregnant early test midstream show you if you are pregnant, once you have received a HCG concentration of 12 IU/L in your urinary, making it perfect for use on even before the Ausbleiben period (approximately 10 days after intercourse).

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